Our beamline allows us to be an all in one shop for structural steel processing. Customers have the choice of drilled or plasma cut holes.

1x Beamline

  • Process almost every type of structural steel profile
  • Cut parts to length up to 20 metres (any web mitre)
  • Saw cut up to a 60 degree web/flange mitre
  • Drill on three sides with holes up to 40mm
  • And more

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  • Welded Beams (WB) - Up to 1000mm wide
  • Welded Columns (WC) - All sizes
  • Universal Beams (UB) - All sizes
  • Universal Columns (UC) - All sizes
  • Parallel Flange Channel (PFC) - All sizes
  • Equal Angle (EA) - All sizes
  • Unequal Angle (UA) - All sizes
  • RHS/SHS - All sizes



Maximum Drilling Flange/Web Thickness - 100mm


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