"I have been running my own steel fabrication companies for the last 20 years. Steel has always been something that has interested me. Star Steel Processing strongly believes that processing is a viable way to help fabricators lower their costs. Now that we no longer fabricate, I can apply my experience with steel fabrication to our structural steel processing for other fabricators. From fabricating steel myself to now watching machines perform the work, we are never afraid to try something new. As sales manager, I can accurately assist fabricators in learning about the benefits of our processing services."




"I have grown up around steel, but always viewed it as being something messy and never thought that I would end up eventually liking it. With our current business of steel processing, I enjoy watching the machines perform the work. Throughout my last couple of years, I have learnt as much as I can about our machines and also how to draw their files. Being tech savy, I originally contributed to this company with marketing. These days, as the processing manager, I handle the technical side of the machines and ensure that they continually run and keep up their quality."


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