Star Steel Processing was originally Star Steel Construction and was founded in 2006 on more than 20 years of experience in the structural steel industry. In our past years of business, we have strived to always provide the best quality job for the fairest price and today is no exception. We have been fabricators for many years. However, with the increasing cost of labour, we searched for new ways to stay ahead of other businesses. This lead us down the path of robotics.


In 2011, we purchased our first robotic plasma coping machine, which made us the only owner of this particular machine in Queensland and still are. This investment revolutionised our business. Originally, this machine supplemented our fabricating, but we wanted to help other fabricators reap the same benefits. With the installation of another coping machine in 2013, we saw the potential for structural steel processing for outside fabricators.

Therefore, in 2014, we had completely stopped fabrication for our customers and focused solely on structural steel processing. Our name was changed in 2015 to reflect this dedication. SSP is the only company in Queensland to specialise only in structural steel processing with robotic coping, sawing and drilling technology.


Our robotic plasma machines can process in ways that conventional fabricators and equipment such as saw and drill lines cannot. Our customers need to see in person the benefits of our processed material being delivered to their door.

In mid 2015, we purchased a beamline. This gave us sawing and drilling capacity. We can drill up to 40mm holes with our single spindle drill into up to 100mm thick material. The saw also has mitring capability up to 60 degrees.


Having a beamline increases our capacity as well as options for our customers. They can now choose between a saw cut or plasma cut, drilled hole or plasma hole. Also being able to pack cut is great advantage. Parts can also if required be cut and drilled and then be coped all under one roof.


So talk to us today and allow us to lower your fabrication costs.

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